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Arrive: 7/01/2014     Depart: 11/01/2014     Next Stop: Australia, Home Rome Rome Rome what an impression you have made on me, being an amazing closing finale to

Arrive: 28/12/2013     Depart: 4/1/2014     Next Stop: Rome Stepping off the plane into zero degree temperatures with snow falling almost instantly is defiantly one grand welcome into

Arrive: 19/12/2013     Depart: 23/12/2013     Next Stop: Denmark There is always the question as to whether a city will live up to the expectations

Arrive: 15/12/2013     Depart: 19/12/2013     Next Stop: Paris This time last year little 17 year old me was blessed with the chance to sink

Here are some classic, simple and amazing cocktail recipes to make at home for you and girlfriends before your festivities begin. Simple ideas like making

On the weekends one of the special things I love to do is suss out new, trendy Cafe’s or Restaurants I have never been to

Lately I have been swamped with school work and honestly, I feel like I have had no time to be doing the things I love.

Ever wanted to eat desert and not feel like you are overloading your body with toxins and fats. Well here is your glorious answer to

During this stressful time in my life completing my last year of school it is vital for my mental health and wellbeing to put aside

This gorgeous Bay is where I will be spending most of my relaxing afternoons in the next few years. I cannot contain my excitement. Rose