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One thing my friends and I love to do is pack a picnic, disposable cameras and road trip to a hidden destination. Whether it be a waterfalls or swimming holes we always find the grooviest slice of paradise to spend the day. Today we found Currumbin Rock Pools. Might I add these adventures alway end in endless amount of laughter and Tiarne slipping over.

Clothing Details: Hat: Lack of Colour, Dress: Bassike

TIP: Don’t stop at the first waterhole where there is usually hundreds of people and no car parks, drive another 10 – 15 mins until you find the second one. This one is a little more hidden and has so many rock pools so everyone can spread out and not get in the way of each other.

How to Get there : CLICK

Tyla, Gabi and Tiarne take Currumbin Rock Pools

IMG_1669IMG_1671IMG_2031IMG_2041IMG_2034IMG_1675IMG_1683IMG_1713IMG_1718IMG_1789IMG_1801IMG_1822IMG_2025(And the laughing begins)IMG_1926IMG_1929IMG_1938IMG_1947IMG_1960IMG_1982


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