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Many may assume (mostly uni students) that a wine tasting tour is a way to drink endless amounts of wine until you can’t walk. I’m afraid this is not the case as Angie and I discovered this weekend as we spent the day touring different wineries and unleashing our inner sophisticated side. As incredible as it was, we were very happy to finish drinking wine over the course of 7 hours, non-stop (we will leave that up to the oldies). As the tour began we couldn’t differentiate much of a difference in taste between $7 goon and $50 wine, but slowly as we moved our way through the day our taste buds began to accept the amazing different tastes one single grape can make. “It brings out flavors of citrus on the nose and melon to taste” he said, how that is possible from one grape, I will never know but they were very accurate – these flavours did shine through. I did consider packing up everything and moving to the Hunter Valley at one point, it is so peaceful and breathtakingly beautiful. I highly recommend going on a wine tour to the Hunter Valley whether you live in Aus or not. I found my voucher on Groupon for around $50 with return bus shuttle which is an amazing price for a 2-hour drive and a whole day of tasting.

Should you hire a car and go by yourself instead of on a tour? If you want to spend more time at each place so you are not rushed yes, but make sure you know where you are going first – plan your trip as the wineries are spread quite far apart.

Normal price around $150.

Wineries I visited:

Briar Ridge Winery

Iron Gate Estate 

Savannah Estate

Clothing (Click for link):

Dress – Bassike

Hat – Lack Of Colour

Shoes – Urban Soul Collection














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