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Lately I have been swamped with school work and honestly, I feel like I have had no time to be doing the things I love. Don’t you wish that we could just wake up with endless time, time that you could spend going out to breakfast and lunch every day, picnicking every afternoon until sunset and just soaking in each second of this glorious world we live in. It feels like unless you have endless money, all our lives consist of is working, whether it be working at a job to earn money or working on a degree it just feels like an endless cycle. In my head I have this amazing future planned but what no one ever takes into account is the restrictions that are placed on each individual from the get go – either money, knowledge, time or location which all link back to money, a conceptualised piece of paper with an image of an ‘important’ person on it. Whenever I have free time on my hands I plan something fun so that I always have something to look forward to, and honestly this

technique of living is what is keeping me sane. It is a really good routine to start, plan a breakfast with family or friends, go for walk with the sunrise to make yourself get up early and begin your day or go for a road trip. Plan something that helps get you through your week because you are so excited for it. Don’t let the negatives of life get you down. Plan and organise so the posatives become the most prominent thing in your week. Tyla xx

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Here are some of my special captured moments from previous weeks.

~My Glorious Breakfast the other morning with my incredible friend Gabi in Byron~ IMG_4150 Location: BayLeaf – Byron Bay ~Afternoon Picnic at my gorgeous home in Lennox Head with Gabi~ IMG_3728 (Click for clothing details) Shirt: Nasty Gal IMG_3727 (Click for clothing details) Shirt: Nasty Gal ~Beach Hangs and Breakfast~ IMG_4092 (Click for clothing links)

Shirt: Tokito

Shoes: Birkenstock

Jeans: Sass and Bide

Sunglasses: Karen Walker IMG_4097 Location: The Belle General

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