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Arrive: 19/12/2013     Depart: 23/12/2013     Next Stop: Denmark

There is always the question as to whether a city will live up to the expectations people build in your head, whether your own experience there will top others views or will you end up extremely disappointed. I can say without a doubt that Paris is one of those cities that tops anyone’s first expectations, no matter what time of year you visit. I can confirm this because, as I sit here typing and reminiscing on my fleeting time spent there, I can honestly say that one day I will live there…maybe not forever, but for a long length of time, I will live amongst the city of love.

Paris was an amazing mix of never ending experiences that I will never forget. Arriving at our amazing central hotel, right near Bastille, I remember the first thing I did when I got into the room was to run to the window to see if my room had one of those picture perfect views…unfortunately it didn’t – but the view was still postcard perfect. This trip consisted of memories that included going on a Segway tour around paris, insider shopping tour, the Eiffel Tour, many Christmas markets, more amazing food, the ‘lock’ bridge, the Louvre – and the best part – meeting up with one of my best friends then gliding around Paris in our own little ‘bubble’ like we had lived there for years.

If you are going to Paris for your first time I highly, highly recommend going on the Segway tour, especially in winter and you are a ‘sook’ in the cold like me. I have never had so much fun –  zipping around to all of the attractions with my family and the   numerous amounts of times I actually fell off the Segway because I was laughing so hard. This experience created such a cherished memory for me, even though it was still freezing cold, the adrenaline of scooting around the city in a group of Segways outweighed the cold…I just want to do it all over again.

Walking around the Paris city streets at dusk with one of your best girl friends could not feel more surreal. Gabi and I like to describe it as walking in your own bubble – where you feel like you are the only two on the earth, such an incredible feeling that one needs to experience to understand. The adventure began with two solo teenagers alone arranging to meet up – trying to find each other in a huge metro station, by pure chance we went down the same tunnel and saw each other as a train passed by on the opposite side (this could have almost passed as a hilarious scene from a movie). We became tourists exploring the Louvre, ordering coffee (realising how much we suck at French and that sugar is not salt!!), asking strangers for photos, watching the Eiffel Tower turn into a disco ball and capturing photos on the bridge and down by the water –  attempting to catch our perfect little moment in time. As our night came to a close Gab and I made #attempt 1 to ask some policemen where to go to find a certain metro station we were looking for – thinking at least they would speak a little english…all we got was a nod of the head and a chortle of laughter from us two girls. #Attempt 2 began by us saying “Bonjour” to a lady as she walked past intending for her to stop as we did have a question for her but this just resulted in her replying “Bonjour” back at us as if we were just saying hey for the fun of it…which was also very amusing. All of these moments stand out for me, finally we decided to capture this night in a photo booth, I don’t think I have ever laughed so hard in my life to this day. After hundreds of photos, coffee stained shirts and losing 10 Euro to the photo booth Gab and I departed to experience the rest of our European adventures with our families, I will forever hold this memory close to my heart.

To Book your Segway tour visit this link (I cannot stress enough how worth it this is) – CLICK HERE

Also I highly recommend going to this Christmas market if you are in Paris at this time, it is absolutely divine. CLICK HERE

Accommodation: Citadines Bastille Marais: 25-39 Boulevard Richard Lenoir 75011 Paris

~Outside my hotel~



~Segway Tour~








~Christmas Market~


~Afternoon/Night with Gab~












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